Blog Hop!

Last week Angela from My Little Sewing Dreams invited me to join in the blog hop. Check out her blog, it is fascinating to read about the creation process of her Marfy jacket using couture tailoring techniques.

Why do I write:
I started to write a blog because it seemed to be an easy way to share my newest sewing projects with my friends and family. And of course anyone else who is interested! I did learn a lot of tips and tricks from sewing blogs and would be delighted if I could return some of that back.

What am I working on now?
At the moment I’m working on an little black dress using one of my first self-constructed patterns. It will be a classic sleeveless shift dress whith round neckline.

How does my blog differ from other sewing blogs?
I don’t think my blog differs so much from other sewing blogs. Maybe it is a little bit different because I don’t focus on one subject, I write about sewing of modern clothing as well as historical costumes and interieur stuff. But I just started and this may change over time..

How does my writing process work?
I just start with choosing some nice pictures that hopefully show details as well as an overall impression of my freshly completed garment and then I try to describe the pattern, what I liked most about the pattern, the particular difficulties that have arisen during the sewing process, what worked out well and what didn’t work out well.. I usually delete and re-write, delete and re-write,…, and proofread countless times before I press „publish“. But almost always some typing errors manage to escape my attention and need to be removed by editing. To be honest, this is why I‘m avoiding to write in a language other than my mother tongue (German) at the moment. I have the suspicion that instead of sewing I would spend my entire time on proofreading then.

I’d like to pass the blog hop to nütie, because I admire her gorgeous hand-embroidered dresses.
And to Before the Automobile, a blog about absolutely stunning historical costumes.

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